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We use them all, at least part of it… Shower gel, shampoo, deo, face water, face cream, day cream, night cream, sunscreen, makeup, maskara etc. The cosmetics industry is booming: Every day, new products are coming onto the market and promising youth and beauty – increasingly also plant-based and sustainable products. But be careful – even if it says it, it’s not automatically natural. Petroleum and microplastics are also active in cosmetics.

What should you pay attention to in the field of cosmetics? 3 things in particular: the ingredients, the packaging and the degradability

The ingredients: Are they plant-based? Are animal ingredients included? Or is microplastics in it? Has the product or ingredients been tested on animals? Good ingredients are flowers and plant essences, natural oils (almond, grape seed, olives, sesame, etc.), aloe vera, soda, corn starch – ideally from organic and sustainable cultivation.

Each product has a list of ingredients. Look at your products and check. The following ingredients should not be included: surfactants (based on petroleum), artificial polymers (plastic in liquid form), parabens (hormonal uv filters), paraffins, silicones and dyes have nothing to look for in good cosmetics. Also the following ingredients are often used in cosmetic products and are usually not vegetable: glycogen, urea, creatine, stearic acid If you want to know what these ingredients are derived from, you can be happy to use the MyVeegle glossary Read.

The packaging: How much plastic does it take? Best none at all, and otherwise act according to the principle: Reduce, Refill, Reuse, Recycle. Reusable systems are also available in the cosmetics industry, e.g. at Fairsquared and Stop the water while using me

You want to do without packaging altogether? Of course, that is also possible! There are soaps for body and hair without packaging. These are good for your body on the one hand and on the other hand you have less garbage, which you also have to dispose of. In all unpackaged shops there are also cosmetic products. Or you can visit our Shop in The Veegle.

Biodegradability: Will the product be degraded without residues in our waters or soils? Good manufacturers give you the opportunity to view the list of ingredients and contained active ingredients of their products online and also their pollution for the environment.

You want to do without packaging altogether? Of course, that is also possible! There are soaps for body and hair without packaging. These are good for your body on the one hand and on the other hand you have less garbage, which you also have to dispose of. In all unpackaged shops there are also cosmetic products. Or you can visit our Shop in The Veegle.

The easiest way is to choose companies that take the 3 criteria into account, then you can use the complete product range. The following companies are examples of this: Ringana, We love the planet, Dr. Bronner, Aveda, Dr. Hauschka, Laverna and Logona. Check out our MyVeegle shop or visit shopping tips.

Plants are on the rise

Fortunately, plant-based products are also on the rise in the cosmetics sector. There are many alternative ingredients available. These include natural flower and plant substances such as algae (blue/deep sea algae), aloe vera, arnica, avocado oil, hops, rosehip oil, etc. It’s best to just test samples of natural cosmetics. For example, you can order sample sizes from Dr. Hauschka.

Good contact points are also reform houses, organic shops or even drugstores. Sometimes you will also find great products at weekly markets, which are homemade, e.g. at Berlin weekly markets, Rosaly is also with wonderful homemade cosmetics.

I want the hair beautiful

What is actually the goal of hair care products? Most products promise no splitting, more gloss or, best of all, even more volume. But is that really true or is it all just marketing? Our hair cannot take on fabrics from the outside, but must be cared for from the inside. This only works through a balanced diet.

Rinses and hair cures are usually overrated. In the long run, they let the hair dry out and become fragile. If you want to protect your hair, only one thing helps and these are certain oils. It is best to use little olive oil for more protection and shine.

In addition, conventional shampoos also contain harmful chemical ingredients such as propylene glycol. These not only harm our hair, our scalp, our health, but also get into the sewage. There, many of the toxic ingredients cannot be filtered out by a sewage treatment plant and thus get back into the water cycle unclean.

Fancy self-making

Why buy when things are different? By making your own cosmetic products, you have a big advantage, because you know what’s in your homemade products. Whether deo, body creams or other cosmetic products, you can make everything yourself. For this production, only normal household remedies are usually needed. that you may even already have at home.

Here’s a recipe for a homemade deo and home-made body cream.

Watch out for Deos

The topic of deod has often been in the news in the past, as the ingredients were particularly strongly criticized by aluminium. Almost all suppliers have reacted and offer aluminium-free products. Especially when it comes to deodorant, you should also use deodorant or deodorant pins and no sprays and also check with Toxfox for the ingredients.

Where can I get the right products?

In the field of cosmetics we can recommend the following products:

Dr. Bronner convinces with his company philosophy, the products and the commitment against the plastic flood. With Polli and the Iceberg, the company is dedicated to educating children. You can get The products of Dr. Bronner in our shop with nice extras for your friends and children. Let yourself be surprised by what Angie conjures for you. MyVeegle’s favourite product is the organic lavender hand hygiene spray.

Ringana is an Austrian manufacturer with a convincing corporate culture and a strong vision. Ringana is completely dedicated to the topic of „fresh cosmetics“. Here you can be sure that the products are guaranteed to be freshly made (and thus also have a limited shelf life). Class is that there are trial sizes, so you can test the products first and then decide. The cosmetics are microplastic-free and the claim REuse,REduce, Recycle applies.

The classics of natural cosmetics such as Dr. Hauschka, Lavera, Logona and Annemarie Börlind can be found in health food stores and pharmacies. There are also enough samples to try you out. MyVeegle’s favourite product is Dr. Hauschka’s rose cream. Fits in any handbag and is like a fresh kick during the day.

WITH the beautiful mission „Love is the origin of all things“ AVEDA has been convincing for years. The founder Horst Rechelbacher was a „pioneer for holistic beauty and a champion in environmental responsibility“. The product range is wide: hair care, skin and body care and make-up. Not always cheap, but worth its price.

We love the planet is a young company and is especially known for its deodorants, which are offered at Denn’s, in natural food shops and online. The company is still young and aims at consistent plastic avoidance.

You will find „WithoutGedöns“ by Jean&Len in many drugstores. The vision is Jean&Len in every home. The product range is wide and convincing and is now also to be tried out in the flagship store in Cologne.

Apps help with product check

You are in the drugstore market and want to buy new products, but don’t know if the ingredients are really recommended or not?

Then take the following apps at hand:

  • ToxFox is an app from the BUND and checks if the products contain pollutants
  • CodeCheck is an app for cosmetics and food

Sometimes thought completely different! Have fun and count the products in your bathroom. Incredible, right?

When you go to your bathroom or to the place where you keep your cosmetics, do you notice something there? Exactly where the eye looks everywhere plastic. Whether deo, hair detergent, sunscreen, face cream etc. everywhere plastic. Probably not only the packaging, but also the contents contains microplastics. In order to protect the environment, all cosmetic products should be packaged in sustainably. And that’s already possible today !

For example, you can switch your hair detergent to hair soap, and also the conditioner, shower gel, etc. is available in soap form. Have a look at our shop. There you will find beautiful, great smelling and practical soaps of „Soap and more“ a wonderful shop in Bamberg. Anita and Eve are sorceresses in her field. So there are fantastically smelling and beautiful soaps with the promising names Fleur de Paris or Carpe Diem. The names speak for themselves! Anyone who tries the soaps will want to use them again and again.

Wonder Weapon?!? Take olive oil

Olive oil: Incredible, but true … there are them .. the miracle weapon in cosmetics. Olive oil helps against dry skin and is one of the strongest antioxidants, i.e. it helps to depleting harmful influences.

It is important that you choose a good quality here: organic and extra vergin it should be. So you can use oily oil as body lotion, cream or hair cure. Or you can choose a manufacturer that offers you products based on good olive oil.