This is what MyVeegle stands for

MyVeegle is committed to nature, people and animals. MyVeegle is an invitation to everyone: everyone should decide for themselves how much plants they want to use in their life

  • Building a new, modern movement, appealing to many people and becoming a large community

  • Creating a social, regional, cultural contribution

  • In addition to economic factors, non-economic factors such as community, environment, well-being, health, etc. are of great importance

  • Reinvestment of profits in social and environmental projects

  • Support for gender and diversification justice

  • Rejection of animal testing and exploitation of animals

  • Promoting craftsmanship and self-making

  • Use for reuse/recycling and dispenses with packaging and plastic where possible


What does that mean?

MyVeegle wants to reach as many people as possible and motivate/convince them to participate in MyVeegle and to live more plant-based.

The goal of MyVeegle is to reach 2 million registered users by 2022 who are willing to live more plant-based (feed, dress, etc.).

MyVeegle wants to establish itself as its own brand, to establish the verb “veegeln” and “MyVeegle = your herbal lifestyle” as a fixed term.


Who participates?

All people who want to get involved in a new way of business.

All people who want to be involved in animals, environment, social justice.

Who is the founder?

I am convinced that the plant-based way of life is our future. More and more people are interested in a climate-friendly, healthy and fair way of life. It is very close to letting more plants into your life: food, clothing, cosmetics, household, etc.

Today, there are still many prejudices and little knowledge about a plant-based life. Here we want to create more transparency and offer solutions.

I am firmly convinced that people very much want to try herbal products, but they do not know exactly how. To make it easier to get started, there is MyVeegle.

Anita Merzbacher

Become part of the team

Who’s also part of the team?

Here is an overview of our team – Become a part of it!

Chiara Kühn
Chiara KühnMultitalent
Chiara is our youngster in the team and as a management consultant she loves to lead teams and moderate workshops. Her friendly and positively progressive style guarantees good results and high effectiveness. Her work style is performance- and team-oriented as well as collegial.

Motto: “Keep your goal firmly in view”

Angela Feldhaus
Angela FeldhausChildren and family
Angie is our expert on all topics related to children and family. The well-being of children of all ages and their families is of particular concern to her. She is a networker par excellence and runs her own company with Villa Wichtel. Nature, sustainability and educational justice are also central themes of her work.

Motto: “From the heart of children is my philosophy of life.”

Antje Rahlmeyer
Antje RahlmeyerFashion, Cosmetics, Household
Antje is our specialists in fashion, cosmetics and household. With her own label RIPSI she conjures up beautiful dresses and many other beautiful fashions. She loves to sew and always delights us with her excellent taste for colors.

Motto: “Enthusiasm is insinuating and is the bridge to success”

Kathrin Böhm
Kathrin BöhmBusiness Veeglen
MA Fine Art and State Exams
Kathrin Böhm has been working internationally as an artist in interdisciplinary teams since 1997. Their main interests are group processes, collective innovation and a timely translating of ideas into tangible results. Your work style is collaborative, applied and effective.

Motto: “Thinking things in the making”