Your green lifestyle

MyVeegle stands for YOUR green lifestyle and invites you to let more plants and sustainability into your life! And that without bending you! Start where it’s good for you. You determine your tempo and frame.

Sounds good? Is it too – Let’s veegle!

The Basics – What is MyVeegle?
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MyVEEGLE invites all people to become plant-based – the invitation to Veeglen.

The Basics – What is MyVeegle?

Let’s veegle thinks… Let’s get more plant-based!

The aim of MyVeegle is to invite as many people as possible to make their lives more plant-based. Because plants can do anything! More plants in your diet, in your fashion, your household, your work, your company, your whole life. More fresh and regional products. Less packaging, less transport, less plastic.

The Basics – Why for you?

Let’s veegle thinks… Only advantages!

This is good for you, your health, the environment, the climate, for our common good and for animals. Yes, indeed, maybe a little courage to change and get out of the familiar – Veeglen is easy. You will discover many new things and realize how much fun veeglen is. That’s why we start with small steps. Feel how well you do that and then just keep going.

The Basics – Is there a veegle way?

Let’s veegle thinks… Yes, that’s possible!

The simplest thing is when you ask yourself the question: Is this also vegetable- Is there a herbal alternative? Do I want to try them out? When you go out to eat, when you buy new clothes, when you’re in the drugstore. The plant-based offers are already huge, especially when it is available on nutrition, and are growing daily – in the supermarket, in the organic shop and in the reform house.

The Basics – How far are you?

Let’s veegle thinks… Decide for yourself!

MyVeegle is your design of Veeglen – your personal plant-oriented path. You can decide for yourself what you like and do you good. One still has very little to do, the other quite a lot. And that can change. First of all, it’s about the desire and curiosity to start. And small steps are much more important than the big jump. Be curious and start.

We support you at Veeglen!

Our platform MyVeegle offers you information and tips. In our shop you will find MyVeegle products. All products have the potential to become fans. Do you know that too? Often it fails: too eco, too alternative, not beautiful, not suitable for everyday use, too expensive – we want to change that with you! We want to bring plants into your everyday life and support you. At the same time, we want to build a MyVeegle community! And we are very happy when you are there.

Everyone has their own MyVeegle way

With MyVeegle you use more and more plants. The proportion of plants in your life is increasing – perhaps in all 4 areas of life, perhaps first in one. Everyone decides this for themselves and individually. Everyone has their own MyVeegle way.

Get inspired by MyVeegle and become part of the MyVeegle community!