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Who doesn’t love him? The Household! Veeglen in the household

Cleaning, cleaning, washing, ironing, wiping dust and sucking dust, pouring flowers, etc. Also in the area of household you can do veeglen and a lot for nature, animals and your own health. Because today there are already many good plant products: they are biodegradable, without animal testing and are gentle for your health, your hands and your airways.

A good, very experienced supplier – around the topic of household is the company Raccoon. Here you will find products and information about kitchen supplies, washing and cleaning, household helpers and household technology. . Here you will find good home remedies, oils, cleaning stones, soaps, detergents, etc.

What should you pay attention to in the area of the budget? Especially on 3 things: on the ingredients, the packaging and the degradability

The ingredients: Are they plant-based? Are animal ingredients included? Or is microplastics in it? Has the product or ingredients been tested on animals? Especially with cleaning agents, the chemical curd is swinging powerfully. Even the many warning signs give an idea of how harmful these products are. Surfactants, brighteners etc- all neither good for the skin nor good for the environment. The good news – there are alternatives: natural home remedies and tricks that support you in the household. The following eight remedies help to clean and remove annoying stains: soda, soda, vinegar, alcohol, core soap, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, baking powder.

The best remedy against clogged pipes is, for example, the combination of soda and vinegar. A recipe can be found here. And coffee grounds can be used not only for pottery, but also as flower fertilizer or for beauty care. However, if you have a dirty toilet or oven, just use baking powder! It’s quick and easy.

The packaging: How much plastic does it take? Best none at all, and otherwise act according to the principle: Reduce, Refill, Reuse, Recycle. You want to do without packaging altogether? Of course, that is also possible! There are detergents, washing and cleaning products without packaging. In all unpackaged shops there are also household products. Or you can visit our Shop in The Veegle.

Biodegradability: Will the product be degraded without residues in our waters or soils? Good manufacturers give you the opportunity to view the list of ingredients and contained active ingredients of their products online and also their pollution for the environment.

The easiest way is to choose companies that take the 3 criteria into account, then you can use the complete product range. The following companies are examples of this: eCover, Klar, Sodasan, Memolife and Almawin. Check out our MyVeegle shop or visit shopping tips.

What is the right product?

Who pays attention to „the right“ product when purchasing cleaning products today. We have learned to pay attention to the price and whether the product cleans well. Other criteria, such as sustainability or biodegradability, have not yet played a major role. Nor is it easy to see that.

Ideally, plant-based and sustainable household products are characterized by:

  • contain no animal components and have not been tested on animals,
  • do not contain phosphates,
  • clean with surfactants, soaps, softeners made from vegetable or mineral raw materials,
  • do not contain microplastics
  • do not contain ingredients from genetically modified organisms
  • has no petroleum-based ingredients

Today, in all organic stores and drugstores, you will find products that meet these criteria. Also in the household area you could check the products via the app Codecheck.

Where can I get the right products?

Good household products can be found at the following companies.

SODASAN won the 2018 sustainability event for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to a great product range for the end customer, SODASAN also offers exemplary social standards for its employees. SODASAN offers a wide range of products: washing, cleaning, rinsing, etc. SODASAN manufactures its products without any harmful ingredients. So you can be sure that you are doing something good for the environment and also for your health.

Bio Naturel is a pure online provider. Bio Naturel also offers household products, specializing in natural cosmetics and wellness products with particularly good quality. Bio Naturell sees itself as an independent provider of high-quality natural cosmetics and wellness products. Bio Naturell stands for an extensive range of natural care products, which convince by a very good quality. Vision is to offer its customers the most convenient and fastest way to shop for beauty and toiletries on the Internet. Currently, more than 3500 products are offered. Bio Naturell receives good reviews especially for the fact that the desired items are quickly on site at the customer’s premises.

Big green Smile is also an online shop for natural products. staggered its products as follows: Organic, Vegan, Plastic-free, Fragrance-free, Beauty, Ecological Cleaning. Biogreensmile have awards such as Organic, Fairtrade and Ecocert Cosmos Organic. All these awards are environmental certificates.

The company Biolindo is an Austrian that hand-compact its products. Biolindo has a product range of over 500 organically and sustainably produced products. This wide range of products is available in three categories: Washing, Cleaning & Household.

As everyone knows, we have a plastic problem. Clearly, it is very important to bottle its products in plastic bottles, which are made of PE or PET 100 recycled materials. In addition, the ingredients are natural and therefore very good for people and the environment.

Almawin has been synonymous with sustainability for 25 years. Super feature on the homepage are Tina’s tips. Here, the customer receives many „natural“ tips from rinsing tips to environmental tips. It is important to the company that customers use environmentally friendly and health-friendly products. Almawin has been awarded a variety of certificates.

HaRa stands for the vision „For a life in harmony with nature“ and has been producing cleaning products for more than 40 years. The production is carried out with the focus „Physical mechanical cleaning“. This means fewer pollutants for the environment and more responsibility.

The company HAKAWERK offers your customers laundry and household care, as well as high-quality personal care products. HAKAWERK attaches particular importance to high quality ingredients as well as packaging, high concentration of products, very good skin compatibility and special environmental friendliness. The company is now known for its neutral soap and offers washing, cleaning and personal care products.

Sometimes thought completely different

If you really want to change a lot, you can also make cleaning and detergent stake yourself. This is much easier than you think and much cheaper. For this purpose, there are all-rounders such as soda, soda, vinegar, citric acid and core soap. In fact, these can replace the diversity of cleaning agents. You can also get great tips on Mrs. Schubert’s blog, e.g. for the production of dishwashing detergent or for the production of detergents. You can also order the detergent in our MyVeegle shop.

What about plastic? Recycled bottles also in the household sector?

Yes, there is! Well-known manufacturers such as ecover attach great importance to their products being bottled in recycled bottles.

Ask Mutti

You can also get good household tips on the frag-Mutti website

The all-rounder – neutral soap

For almost all household purposes, you can use neutral soap. The 5 kg bucket lasts forever. The best comes from the traditional company Haka.