Yes!! We are happy, because THE ANUGA is breaking new ground!! Fortunately herbal. At the world’s largest food fair, we found many „plant-based products“: burgers, sausages, cheese, dairy products, yoghurt, chocolate bars, cereals … from Germany, Holland, Poland, France, Great Britain.
At ANUGA, established companies such as Berief Food with their great tofu products such as the ham sausage or veggyness with the wonderfully tasty products made of wheat protein (e.g. the burger or the chorizo) are represented. Many young companies such as Veggie Friends or Happy Cheese are also at the start.
The trade fair programme, the lectures and the new products are also strongly influenced by the plant-based trend, and so it is not surprising that many established meat producers now offer plant-based alternatives.
The plant market is getting bigger and the products are getting more and more delicious! You notice this in the supermarket, in organic and reform shops. Almost every week there are new products!
Try something and send us your feedback on your experiences on new products. We would be happy to publish this under our section „MyVeegle tried….“