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If you want to know more

MyVeegle – Veeglen is a verb! Everyone can find out and walk veeglen and their own MyVeegle way. And how does this work in concrete terms?

Veeglen is a verb and means vegetable eating, vegetable drinking, dressing more herbally, becoming greener and more sustainable in cosmetics, in the house and garden. The whole thing is a process that changes and evolves.

Veeglen is supposed to be fun, vegglen should inspire you, make you happier in everyday life, be an impulse. It’s important that you have fun with it and find out the benefits for you: start where it feels easy and keep expanding. Veeglen is definitely an exciting way: you have to take a closer look. Not everything that looks plant-like is also plant-based. Sometimes ask more often and look at the label, that helps!

Sounds good? Is it too – Let’s veegle!


Check the 5 MyVeegle Basic Principles

To make it a little easier, we want to give you some tips for a green and sustainable lifestyle.

With everything you buy, whether food, fashion, cosmetics or household – we recommend checking on the 5 MyVeegle basic principles.

Yes, of course, this check may take a little longer and you invest time, but you’ll see it’s fun to buy good products. And over time, you know your favorites. At the beginning you just have to look a little bit. We will help you with the following tips.

With veeglen you do good for yourself and your environment, improve your ecological footprint and win many karma points.

Herbal alternative

Take the herbal alternative. There is now an alternative to almost every product from plant production, you may sometimes have to look a little longer on the shelf, but it is worth it.


Buy products from your region, which are usually even better than products from other regions, and you can reduce the pollution from transport and, for example, cooling during transport.


Less plastic

Say no to plastic and packaging. Take your backpack, basket or fabric bag for shopping. There is a class Blog of Ms. Schubert on sustainability and how to do without plastic.



Buy organic products. These are sustainable and fair for people and nature.

Sustainable companies

When you purchase, choose companies that promote the common good.

MyVeegle Diary

A personal MyVeegle diary can support you. In your personal MyVeegle diary are your MyVeegle destinations and your MyVeegle timetable. Here you can record your successes and ideas.

We humans are habitual animals and need at least 21 days to change our habits. For us to really internalize it, it can take up to 66 days. Therefore, take your time and do not overwhelm you.