Vegetable diet

What do you think of – if you hear plant, vegan or vegetarian today?

Usually the first thing to do is to eat meat, vegan burgers, rice milk, etc.

Common questions are… Does that even taste good? Can I prepare this? Is that really healthy? We can reassure you: YES, it tastes good, is easy to prepare and healthy!

Meat and sausage
Milk and dairy products
Sweet, Sour, Salty
Wine, sparkling wine and juices

Of course it is different, because many things are also new!

If we have been drinking cow’s milk for 20 years, then our taste buds have to get used to it. If we have learned from a young age that meat is healthy, then it takes some courage to question it. We humans are also habitual animals. But we rely on the curiosity in each of you to try something new. And we start with the desire to eat, because eating more plant-based is very easy these days. Especially for milk, sausage and meat we have a huge vegetable offer in Germany, so that we can very easily switch to meatless alternatives. There are also many traditional herbal products such as soy, seitan, tempeh, lupine, peas, jack fruit, etc. Anything gibberish and unknown? Then take a look at the MyVeegle glossary.

Try your way through

Also, you should not immediately change your entire purchase, but can also choose the plant-based alternative in cafés and restaurants. With the app „Happy Cow“ you will find many restaurants and shops that offer herbal products. And a cappuccino with almond or coconut milk is really fantastic.

Meat and sausage

Especially with regard to plant meat and vegetable sausages, an incredible amount has happened in recent months: Due to the offensive advertising campaign of Beyond meat and the successful stock development, the company has been in the press for weeks.

In addition to the vegan burgers, there are other vegetable meat products such as steaks, hamburgers, roast sausages, pulled pork, roasts, currywurst, etc.

What about protein?

No problem, there is enough vegetable protein. Sometimes the topic of „sufficient protein“ is also considered in a targeted way. There is a whole range of plant proteins here: soy and tofu are very well known, legumes such as lentils or chickpeas. Less well known are Seitan, Tempeh, Quinoa. If you don’t know what it’s all about and what you can use it for, check out the MyVeegle Glossary.

Protein Overview

Are you also in burger fever?

Beyond-Meat, Wonder Burger, Impossible Burger, Incredible Burger, etc. They are obvious the advantages for the vegetable burgers: no cholesterol, less fat, fewer calories. Better for the environment and animals.

So it’s no wonder they’re becoming more and more popular.

This is how Antje and her family tried the Beyond meat Burger: Experience report by Antje (part of the MyVeegleteam)

Premiere : first vegan burger ! Meaning: we have veeglet today!
First of all: our family is not vegetarian or vegan, we all like to eat (sometimes unfortunately) meat. But Dirk (my husband) and me have the „Veegle fever“ and we want to try to eat meatless more often now.
So the offer of a big discounter was just right: meatless burgers.. prepared as „normal“ burgers: grilled, cardboard rolls – topped with cucumber, tomato, salad, but also melted cheese, roasted onions and hamburger sauce, everything a good hamburger needs … nicely prepared with pan peppers and chips … and what can I say:
It tasted great !! An absolute alternative to meat !!
Premiere worked out – I will certainly report on my „veegle“ experiences more often.
P.S. it was also relaxed grilling, because no fat drips on the grill!

Almost every city now has its burger restaurant and there are great ways to try vegan burgers. At Hans im Glück there are currently 6 different vegan burgers with such beautiful names as Sonnenkönig or Fabelhafter. If you are lucky and live in Cologne, Bunter Burger is an absolute recommendation. The slogan „Save the Planet – Eat a Burger“.

Where can I get the right products?

With the vegetable proteins you will find super alternatives based on pea, soy, lupin or Seitan.

The following suppliers offer the vegetable sausage and vegetable meat in convincing quality:

Amidori makes super tasty burgers, braised burgers, sticks and pulled based on pea protein. Amidori is also on the road as a food truck and represented at street food events. The products are available in the refrigerator and freezer shelves.

Beyond Meat has deliberately placed itself on the meat shelves and the claim to taste 1:1 like meat or sausage. In addition to the well-known and highly praised burger, there is now also Beyond Sausage. These taste like „real“ sausages and are certainly a very good alternative for meat fans.

As a sausage brand, Rügenwalder is one of the most famous in Germany. Many products such as schinkenspicker, or Pomeranian, are now also available as plant alternatives (base here are peas). In the meantime, there is even the tea sausage as a vegan alternative.

With over 30 years of company history, Rief Food is one of the most experienced companies in the production of vegetable sausage and meat alternatives, and you can taste that. The product is super tasty, in addition the vegan ham sausage can compete with any conventional ham sausage. The class is that the soya is grown by German contract farmers and here the often cited argument of the destruction of the rainforest due to soya cultivation does not draw here.

Heirlers are the products from the Reformhaus. Here you will find vegetarian (with organic eggs) and vegan alternatives. Unfortunately, the website is not very meaningful.

Typhoon Tofu produces sausage and meat alternatives based on soy (Central European sources of supply) and is offered through natural cost shops (and not online).

Wheaty offers meat and cheese alternatives. The meat alternatives are made of wheat, or rather wheat protein (Seitan) and are very tasty. Wheaty products can be found in health care stores and in organic markets.

Supermarkets such as Alnatura or Veganz provide a whole range of herbal products both online and in-store. Alnatura supermarkets are now available in all major cities. Veganz unfortunately only in Berlin. In addition to the stores, both suppliers also offer a variety of own products.

And if you want to avoid plastic, there are super tasty and environmentally friendly alternatives with the vegetable spreads /coating creams in the glass. You are now offered these spreads everywhere: in the biosupermarket: Alnatura or Allos, in the Reformhaus Zwergenwiese or Tartex. Rewe or Edeka also have their own coating creams.

A high on plant spreads

The best thing to do is to put plant spreads on the bread. They are available in the glass, last long and are super tasty. Every supermarket now has a huge selection: from aubergine screeds to onion melt. The best performers are still mushroom spreads. The best spreads are still the organic shops and reform houses.

Another success story from the planned sausage world „Rügenwalder“ – Innovator par excellence

Rügenwalder makes the impossible possible and reinvents himself. With the quote „The sausage is the cigarette of the future“ the Rügenwald boss Christian Rauffus already drew attention in 2014. Owners and management have recognized that it is not up-to-date to continue to rely on meat production from animal sources and are therefore steadily converting production and supply towards plant products. The customers accept this, so that the Rügenwalder proceeds already come from more than 40 from the plant offer.

A clear commitment from the head of marketing Godo Röben: „We will continue to eat meat and sausage. But the next step is that the proteins come from plants. This is better for the climate, better for health and better for animals.

For example, Rügenwalder offers almost the entire range such as mortadella, ham, liver sausage as a herbal product. Meanwhile even the classic „the Rügenwalder Teewurst“.

Milk and dairy products

All conventional dairy products are now also available from plants. Vegan dairy products are made from a variety of different plants such as beans, nuts, seeds and cereals. The most famous varieties are: soy, almonds, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, lupins, pea protein, hemp seeds, rice or oats. The products are available in organic shops, health food stores and also in supermarkets. The best sorting is for organic shops.

Our favorite for yoghurt and quark is LUVE. From local lupins, the products are regional, along with super tasty and protein-containing.


When it comes to plant milk, there is already a huge selection. You can produce milk from many plants with many different flavors. In the UK, the proportion of plant milk is already 40 per cent, with a sharp lyrise. Most supermarkets run at least one brand of vegan milk, and a good natural food store will run a dozen or more varieties.


The theme of cheese from plants is not an easy one. In fact, many of the cheeses don’t taste like the cheese we’re familiar with. Vegetable cheese usually made with a large proportion of coconut and palm oil or starch. The cheese then tastes strong like the raw product: Will hot cheese based on coconut milk tastes strongly like coconut. But there is a lot of new on the vegetable cheese market, e.g. a Swiss cheese dairy NEW ROOTS has the motto „We make the traditional cheese of the future“ – whose cheese tastes great and actually like cheese.

The Camenbert on a cashew basis can already take on a good Camenbert today. Above all, it also has a delicious mold shell, as you would expect from the Camenbert.

Simply-V’s cream cheese products are also good, and we hope that other experienced cheese makers will dedicate themselves to the theme of cheese based on plant milk and will soon offer good alternatives to cow’s milk cheese.


Yes, oils, especially those that are 100 percent vegetable, are healthier than butter and margarine. But from time to time, it has to be butter, above all for breakfast or for baking. How good that there are several herbal alternatives here that come very close to the original.


A lot has happened on the subject of ice. Fruit ice cream and sorbet are vegan anyway. In addition, almost every milk ice cream variety is available in a purely vegan versionnowadays. Coconut milk or other nut milk is usually used for this purpose. Meanwhile there are also vegan ice creams in the supermarket e.g. the own brand of Rewe, Magnum or Ben and Jerrys and also many ice cream parlours offer vegan ice cream. Especially dark chocolate here. Our favourite vegan ice cream is Nomoo. A young German startup. The ice cream is mostly made from fruits, nuts or cocoa beans. Absolutely recommended is Nomoo Ice.

Suitability of milk

Where can I get the right products?

The English are not always right, but as far as vegetable milk is concerned… already. Currently, 40 per cent of plant milk is already drunk in the UK. With growing enthusiasm.

We can recommend the following products /manufacturers: Dairy products

Made with Luve is our favourite yoghurt and quark. The products of the sweet lupine (the protein-rich field fruit from our latitudes) are delicious! There are yoghurt, spread creams, desserts and lupin drinks. And soon, for sure, much more. The products have cleared several prices, as they not only convince in taste, but also come from domestic cultivation and are sustainable.

Callfood already convinces us in the category of meat and sausage. And also with the milk alternatives, Berief-food has a lot to show for it. Vegetable drinks, soybean hurts, whipped cream and cooking creams.

Most famous soy yoghurt is certainly Alpro. Available in every supermarket and in many flavors. Alpro is a Belgian company with the vision „to create a world in which a greater part of our diet comes directly from plants

Natumi offers a variety of milk alternatives from soy, rice, oats, spelt, millet and buckwheat – mostly in natural food shops.

Other suppliers are Oatly (specializing in oats), Promavel (oats, nuts, soy, oats, coconut) or the own brands of alnatura or dm.

We can recommend the following products /manufacturers: Cheese

Delicious cheese makes Happy Cheeze, especially the Happy White Camenbert tastes. The cheese alternatives are made from nuts and are available in all kinds of flavors. We find the Spirulina chili, ripened, particularly funny. Iast what brave ;-)

And the Swiss company new roots also clears prices for convincing taste and exemplary packaging.

Other cheeses you will find in the supermarket or natural food shop are:

Bedda World, Simply V, Vio Life Foods

Taste matters

Basically, in the case of dairy products, one should distinguish whether one wants a product that tastes rather sweet or neutral. Especially the dairy products with taste (vanilla, chocolate, etc.) are often very sweetened. They are then super tasty, but also with many unhealthy calories.

Sweet, Sour, Salty

Less obvious than meat, sausage and milk are the animal ingredients in sweets and snacks. Here, too, milk, eggs, gelatin of animal origin are often used. Luckily, there are already a variety of herbal alternatives here, all of which taste just as delicious. So no renunciation of pleasure, you can also have a vegetable super snack.

Almost any type of chocolate, whether whole milk, white, nut, bitter and every bar, you get vegetable today. Ritter Sport has two vegan variants and the 5 variants of iChoc are offered in every dm market. Rapunzel has the most delicious vegan chocolates: the NIRWANA VEGAN Chocolat praliné takes it up with every Lindt chocolate.

The biscuits often still contain eggs, but Manner’s classicists – the Neapolitans – or OREO biscuits are purely plant-based.

With sweets and wine gum you have to take a closer look, because no one really likes to eat gelatinof animal origin. All the big ones now have plant alternatives: Haribo, Katjes, Hitschler etc.

With the salty snacks, the classics are usually vegetable, but in some there is also game, poultry or game. Therefore, it is better to take a closer look.

Where can I get the right products?

Chocolate, chocolate bars

Chocolate Frankonia





The selection is not so high here. Here you have to look especially in organic and reform shops. Veganz has super tasty butter biscuits and double biscuits. In the supermarket, Manner and Oreo are vegan.

Candy and wine gum

The best herbal gummy bears has Beauty Sweeties.




Salty snacks

Vegetable chips are modern and always vegetable. Here, the following chips are available in the classics purely vegetable. It is best to check what is next to potatoes, oil and salt.

Wine, Sparkling Wine, Juices

Wine and juice are vegetable, aren’t they?

Wine is fermented grape juice, but unfortunately not always vegan. Wine, juices, apple must and grape must may have been clarified by gelatin, cattle tendons or pork bones, chicken egg protein or fish constituents. Even if the label promises „100 percent fruit“. This is actually not very tasty, but it means beautification, so that the wine and the juices are beautifully clear. At the moment, few people know that. So just ask your wine merchant or look at the composition of the wines and juices.

Where can I get the right products?

The following providers we recommend you:


Most organic wine growers. Just find in your area.


Beckers Best


Farmer fruit juice


Organic wines are mostly vegan. Why, in fact?

In contrast to conventional cultivation, organic cultivation may also be a little slower. Therefore, the organic wine growers simply leave their wine standing longer and the cloudy parts then settle automatically. The wine is so natural and does not have to be „beautified“ with aids.